2016 Impact & Legacy Summit

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"Summit is invigorating, thought-provoking, and a great chance to connect with high performers from many industries."- 2015 Attendee
"Incredible! Few times in my position do I get to attend seminars that develop me! This has been refreshing, recharging, refocusing and reinvigorating!"- 2015 Attendee

"The Impact and Legacy Summit experience was inspirational and educational. It’s easy to get people excited and inspired but it’s another to inspire them while teaching them to apply the inspiration."- 2015 Attendee

"An eye opening experience that shows you can never stop learning and there are always areas for improvement- thank you."- 2015 Attendee

"Eye opening on a personal and professional level. Unbelievable experience I'll never forget."- 2015 Attendee

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